Our Worship

Here at St. John’s, we lean a little High Church.  That means we like the traditional rituals associated with Christian worship.  If you come to pray and praise with us at the 10:00 AM Sunday service you’ll see lots of colorful hangings and vestments to represent the church season; you’ll hear lots of traditional church music and the chanting of the Eucharist; and if you come on a festival day, you may smell some incense and see other special things.    If you like tradition, this is the service for you.

However, if you come to worship at the evening service, you’ll get quite a different feel.  It’s a much smaller congregation with a much younger age range.  The service is based on the ancient Agape Meals where dinner was shared while the gospel was read.  A reflective conversation takes the place of a sermon and then Holy Communion is shared.  Contemporary music is sung with Father Zeke on guitar.  This service is on a seasonal rotation, so check the Church calendar on the homepage or under the “Resources Link” above to see if and when the service will be this week.  If you like to really be involved, ask questions, and eat – this is the service for you.