What are you waiting for?

Have you ever heard “life is a journey not a destination?” It’s a truism that is lost throughout much of our modern society. As a culture, we tend to frown on having to wait for anything. We can sometimes prefer our destination to arrive as quickly as possible and would rather not have to journey to it at all.
Yet it is often the journey that is transformative. It is how we choose to get to where we’re going that changes us and makes us who we are. Without the journey, we are simply a people who get whatever we want whenever we want it; and that offers no transformation whatsoever.
Advent is a time for waiting, but not passively. It is a time of preparation and expectation…. it is a time for journeying; and that makes it a time for transformation. The wise men journeyed across whole countries to find Jesus in his manger. Mary and Joseph were on their own journey to the city of Bethlehem. Advent is a time for journeys.
As we enter this holy season of Advent, what will your journey be? How will this season transform you as you move through its days and weeks to arrive at the birth of Christ on Christmas Day? How will you prepare a place for Jesus in your world this year?
A journey involves changing where you are, so you may have to do something new or do what you’ve always done somewhere new. Maybe you can spend less money on gifts for people that already have much and more money on gifts for people who have little. That’s transformative. Maybe you can celebrate the season of Advent in a new place by journeying alongside other people of faith by attending Church, or in a Bible study, or at a fellowship group. Maybe you can be in a new spiritual place by dedicating more time to prayer or meditating on Holy Scriptures. All of these things are a journey. They all take time, deliberation, and effort; and they are all transformative.
This Advent season, wait on the move. Take a journey. Be transformed. What are you waiting for?

Father Zeke