God is Revealed to Us!

Despite all the Christmas decorations having disappeared from street corners and shopping malls, the Christmas season is not over!  On the Christian calendar, the Christmas season begins on Christmas and continues for twelve days (hence the song).  Then comes Epiphany!

On Christmas Day, Jesus came into the world, but was still only known to very few people.  On Epiphany we celebrate his presentation to the broader world.  We do this by remembering both the visitation of the the three Persian wise men who came to pay him homage, and the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan where the Holy Spirit descended on him and God the Father declared him to be his Son.  Through these events, Jesus was made known to those beyond his family and neighbors, and beyond his religion.  Be they shepherds in their fields, kings from foreign lands and a foreign faith, or  adherents coming to hear the words of the prophet John – all came to know Jesus Christ!  That is what an epiphany is: the appearance or understanding of God in someone’s life.

For this Day of Epiphany, and the days to follow, celebrate according to the season: Tell Someone About Jesus!  Be the venue God can use to reveal the truth of Jesus Christ to someone in your life!

You may think that everyone already knows about Jesus, but that’s simply not true.  Most people in America are unchurched, and many people have a cultural understanding of Christianity as a religion (often a negative one) but don’t really know anything about Jesus Christ himself.  Change that!

Celebrate Epiphany by telling someone your story!  Talk to someone about Jesus the way you would tell them about a close friend.  You needn’t share what your religion believes, but rather what Jesus has meant to you in your own life.

If you feel you don’t know Jesus well enough to do that, celebrate Epiphany by getting to know him better!  Make time to read scripture and talk about Jesus with others.  Make this Epiphany one to remember.